OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Update 7 is available

We are very pleased to announce that all versions of “OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Update 7” have been posted to the Fulfillment Center.  

This includes:

  • OpenCities Map PowerView
  • OpenCities Map Advanced
  • OpenCities Map Ultimate
  • OpenCities Map SDK

The renamed products officially begins with this version.  You will see these new names throughout the Bentley Communities, Help documentation, Licensing, Contracts, Software Download pages, etc.

OpenCities Map has been enhanced with 

  • DGN2DB - a command-line tool to incorporate your CAD Design File maps into spatial databases.  Oracle and PostGIS are supported.
  • A new Placement Method in the Geospatial Administrator called "Place by Key-in Command".  This provides access to all MicroStation and 3rd-party product commands that can be initialized with a key-in.

Additional highlights are available a Technology Preview items:

    • Labelling enhancements
    • CityGML functionality improvements
    • A new command to automatically create a GIS Schema file from DGN file elements, called Export Feature Definitions
    • Another new Feature creation command called Feature Inference Rules, lets you define how MicroStation Elements are added as Inferred Features in the XFM Schema
    • Dark Theme option to change the look of the user interface

Note: Technology Preview items are available for selection during the installation phase of the products. Use the Configure option to select and activate them.

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