error in Mvba: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface number [430]

Hi everyone!!
I have this code , First I promote a point cell feature from a SharedCell , then I´ve triying to read some properties like coordenates, cell name and others, and then add  this cell properties to a feature properties. The rare thing is in a machine i have this error (430) but in other no and is the same DGN File, because i am in the  prove fase. What is wrong in my code?
I am using Bentley Map SS3.This is the code.  Thanks!!!

Set fe = locateOp.GetLocatedFeatures
           Set ee = ActiveDesignFile.Fence.GetContents
           With oFeature
                Do ' --------  
                    Set oCell = ee.Current
                    If oCell.IsSharedCellDefinitionElement Then
                    ShowMessage "This elemen is SharedCellDefinitionElement", "", msdMessageCenterPriorityInfo, True
                    End If
                    If (oCell.IsSharedCellElement) Then
                        If (oCell.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.X = .Geometry.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.X) And (oCell.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.Y = .Geometry.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.Y) Then
                            Dim oCellNombre  As String
                            oCellName = oCell.AsSharedCellElement.Name
                            Exit Do
                        End If
                        If oCell.IsCellElement Then
                            If (oCell.AsCellElement.Origin.X = .Geometry.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.X) And (oCell.AsCellElement.Origin.Y = .Geometry.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.Y) Then
                            oCellName = oCell.AsCellElement.Name
                            Exit Do
                        End If
                        End If
                    End If ' Is shared cell element
                Loop While (ee.MoveNext)
                If .Geometry.Type = msdElementTypeSharedCell Or .Geometry.Type = msdElementTypeCellHeader Then '       --> Both
                        .setProperty "CELLNAME", oCellName
                        .setProperty "COORDX", .Geometry.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.X
                        .setProperty "COORDY", .Geometry.AsSharedCellElement.Origin.Y

                        setProperty = True
                    End If