Error to update text-point feature properties with mvba

I have this code. With it, I update some properties from a text-point  Feature promoted in Bentley Map SS3, but in some cases I have the following error:

And the function breaks out. Could Anyone to say what I'm doing bad?

This is the code:

                    If .Geometry.Type = msdElementTypeText Then 
                        '.setProperty FrmText.cboProperty.Value, .Geometry.AsTextElement.Text
                        .setProperty "COORDX", CoorX
                        .setProperty "COORDY", CoorY
                        .setProperty "DISPTEXT", oETexto
                        .setProperty "STREETN", oETexto
                        .setProperty "RSCNAME", RSCNAME
                        .setProperty "ID", seq
                        .setProperty "MSLINK", MSLINK
                        setProperty = True
                    End If

                If setProperty = True Then
                    .Write (False)
                    count = count + 1
                    ShowMessage "/", "", msdMessageCenterPriorityInfo
                    ShowMessage "\", "", msdMessageCenterPriorityInfo
                End If