Alert while closing file in OpenCities Map PowerView CE update 7, "The current DGN is authorized..."


In the latast version of OpenCities Map PowerView (CE update 7), we experience a new alert we can't get rid of:

When I create a new file and close it we got the following alert:

I have tried to set the variable MS_DESIGN_HISTORY=changeauthor=0 but this does not remove the message.

We have also tried to make a new seed-file, but it does not change.

I have tested it a bit and it seems to be only in new files created with update 7 (or maybe also update 6), but not older files.

Does anyone knows more about getting rid of this message?

It's pretty annoying because it pops up several times when opening and closing in all new files.

Kind Regards

Rune Halkjær, LIFA A/S