OpenCities Map Ultimate - Pattern Area - Pattern Cell color not retaining.

I am using a cell made with concrete symbol and cyan color to pattern an area. When I use to to pattern area of a polygon with this cell ends up with color white instead of cell defined color of cyan.

Dropping the cell works with cyan color but I needed it should not be dropped but grouped. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Satya

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  • Hi Satya,

    Is there a setting that preventing to see cell defined color?

    No. I do not know any setting preventing from that. This is why I do not get why we are not seeing cell defined color.

    I finally found the culprit. This is the Design file. Something wrong with the DGN file in is core definition. It seems corrupted. I do not know how this happening. 

    Go to Base model. Place a fence anywhere in the view. Use Save Fence File tool to copy to new output file. Click in the view to Accept. In this new file, containing all Design File Settings already defined in your Base model, you will be able to see color of the cell patterning.

    I hope this workaround will be enough to your project.

    Best regards,

    Sebastien Lefrancois

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