Element properties that use a criteria not being applied to geospatial data source features (data source = SQL Server)

Have defined criteria using COMPARE function and used them to set the symbology (cell, line and fill colour) in Geospatial Manager, for features that were generated by registering some SQL server geometry tables.

The symbology is not being applied when the feature layer is loaded from the database into the current working drawing. It looks like the criteria is being ignored or is not working, however there appears  to be no way of testing the criteria to determine if there is a syntax error.

Geospatial Administrator project:

Name  Expression
Turf COMPARE("[Greenspace:asset_class]", "Turf","")
Shrubs COMPARE("[Greenspace:asset_class]", "Shrubs", "")

OpenCities Map (Advanced/Ultimate) Update 7:

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