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We recently upgraded to OpenCities Map Upd. 16, and in has a challenge with GSA. When we export our XFM setup from GSA, the Workspace is written to C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Map CONNECT Edition\MapAdvanced\Configuration\WorkSpaces and not the path that given in GSA as it did before - why is that.

I have attacehed an example XFM project, where the Workspace should be written to F:\Appl\BentleyConnect\Workspaces, but ends up on C:\ProgramData\Bentle..........................SurvCap_Stofa.xml

  • Hi Sebastian
    When we install OpenCities map we can’t set path for the delivered configuration. The dialog from your answer shown below, simply don’t show up during installation:

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    ok. i do not reproduce the issue on my side.
    I am sure you done that, but on installation be sure to set appropriate path for the delivered configuration.

    If the issue still persist, maybe uninstall/re-install the application, followed by a reboot of your machine.

    I do not get what is happening. This is why I am shooting everywhere.
    Sorry for the inconvenient.


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  • Hi Peter,

    During installation, at the first page on the right top there is a button Configuration to open the Configuration settings.

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