[OCM U16] Start Map without XFM engine

As my Microstation workspace keeps crashing OCM then question is how to run Bentley Map in Microstation mode without XFM tools?

This is also needed as would like to no introduce Map specific changes in DGN when opened in MS workset. 

  • Oto, if you open RAW DGN in MS workset, it cannot add any XFM data to your elements. This information must be defined in schema XFM first in Map workset.
    To avoid confusion with inference feature in your session, I will suggest to set configuration variable MS_GEOXFM_NO_DYNAMICSCOREDFEATURES = 1

    Your MS workspace should not crash, have you try to run the application as admin ?
    If it still crashing, something wrong occurs on migration (obviously). I will suggest to start from the beginning (annoying solution. I know.).

    If you are using custom workspace, maybe you should defined the custom path in the installer wizard first before migrating ? Sorry, I do not know what is happen. This is why I suggest several solutions.


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