OpenCities Map Cell-name as feature name

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Since updating to OpenCities Map CONNECT update 16 I've been having some problems when placeing point-cell feature. 

We create a schema by importing a Microsoft Access database to Geospatial Administrator (GSA) via ODBC connection. The access database has "Feature", "Category" and "MSCATALOG" tables, among others, and the features are defined in GSA after import. Workspace is then exported from GSA.

Now, some of the features are point-cells and when placing a cell, that has defined connection to a certain feature / level, the name of the feature is the same as the Cell-name, when it should be the same as the Level-name.

Also, the categories listed in the "Category" table are not found in the Feature-list in Command Manager. Don't know if that is related.

Was there a change in GSA output files in recent updates of OpenCities Map? 

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    To place Cell Feature defined in the schema, you should use placement method defined in the schema. For that, you must select feature from the list and click pencil icon. This tool could be retrieved in the ribbon Map > Home > Features. The Feature Name of the Cell Feature is defined in the schema as well. A cell feature will be recognized by is Feature Name, not by the level-name.

    If you are seeing Cell element recognize by Cell Name, this is probably because you have placed a cell element from the same library but by using Place Active Cell tool. This is a CAD tool which is not considered the Map Schema definition.

    Category is not related. I just tried with the ODBC connection import in GSA and all elements from the "Category" table are listed in the Command Manager of the user workset, not of All Users.  The Command Manager node under All Users is empty, but if you go to User Workset > Workset > User Interface > Command Manager, you will see all the features list you are looking for.

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