How can add "%lock MS_DESIGNSEED" into work set configuration file generated from Geo Spatial Administrator?

Hello all,

I Want Geo Spatial Administrator to generate work set configuration file with "%lock MS_DESIGNSEED" option.

Any ideas how to do this?

  • The Geospatial Administrator does not support the %lock switch at this time.  We will file an Enhancement Request for it to be supported in the future.

    Since you asked for ideas, you could edit the Workset .inc file after the GSA Export, but that is not ideal nor Supported (it would have to be added each time the Export option is used).

    The suggestion from Kees below has been verified that it works properly, notice the Locked icon in the Flags column of the variable:

    Answer Verified By: Nikolay Tsonev 

  • In the Macros node, it is possible to add a variable directive (like %lock), by using the comment character "#". 
    E.g. add a row like:
    %lock MS_DESIGNSEED # = 1 

    What comes after the comment character "#" doesn't matter, therefore the assignment statement is ignored.
    Between lock and the variable MS_DESI... should only be a single space.

    Answer Verified By: Nikolay Tsonev