[CONNECT] Configuration Warning

Hi All!

When I open a desing file in Open Cities Map Powerview Update 16 the following dialog pops up.

"Active configuration (WorkSpace/WorkSet) does not include the latest changes to its associated schema.

Do you want to update the configuration?"

Is it possible to hide this warning?

If I can not hide it, how can I create a config file that is valid for U16 after a clean install? (clean install means that I copy the workspace/workset config files to the install dir and open the dgn)

It is offered by the program to update the config file automatically. I accepted the automatic update.

Under "<map powerview install dir>\Configuration\WorkSpaces\" I have a <worksapce name>.cfg that changed and a <worksapce name>.inc file is created. A schema file is also created in <install dir>\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Map_Schemas\<schema name>.xml.

I tired to use the updated/created filesbut the same dialog popped up.