OpenCities Map crashes on simple data queries

In OpenCities Map Advanced ( I have set up a connection to a PostGIS database that contains OSM data. The features were registered in the GSA.

1st question: Can I set somewhere that the queried OSM data from the database are reprojected when displaying in the view? Like when attaching DGNs for reference. The projections do not match at the moment (Equidistant Conic vs. Geographic-Lat/Long).

2nd question: Even in my test dataset (partial extract of OSM), OpenCities Map constantly crashes on simple data queries (for example type=motorway). What is the correct workflow, what tools to use?
My goal is to query OSM data such as roads from a PostGIS database and display it in the background of my street map.

  • When the PostGIS database includes the spatial projection information, and the DGN File includes a defined coordinate system, the queried data should reproject into the proper location.

    The process is to make the connection then query the data using the Spatial Tools.  Are you using the Graphical Source to connect to the database, or making the connection each time you open the DGN File?  Crashes are not normal, so you will need to troubleshoot the problem in order to correct it. Review the Exception.log file for indications as-to why the crash occurred.

    The Support group can assist with both of these issues through a Service Request

  • The database and the DGN file contains a defined coordinate system, but the transformation to the corresponding coordinate system does not work directly. My workaround is to query and display the database contents in a DGN with the same coordinate system. Then I attach this DGN as reference reprojected to my real DGN.

    I found out why the database queries cause the crash. If you set "view" as spatial extend in the query, then it crashes. If you select "all" it works. Seems to be a bug, right?