Create non-planar shape 3D


I need to create non-planar shape which is build from two planar shape, adjacent to each other.

When I build such a shape manually (or programmatically) , it renders as very strange, twisted shape, which seems non-coherent with delivered 3D coordinates.

I've attached sample DGN.

OpenCities Map Advanced 10.16

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  • Hi,

    Polygon 2, the middle vertex are cross over and software trying to build polygon the best it can. The right vertex should be lower to create polygon render witout edge cross over on this plan.

    If I draw by snapping on poly 3 vertexes, the shape render is properly display. It give expected results.

    How do you build that non-planar shape fro two planar? which toll have you used it?
    Middle vertexes seems not to be at misplaced and cannot create expected render.
    They need to be moved or re-draw on another place. is wrong coordinate ?


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  • Sebastien,

    thank you for pointing me out this "middle vertex' problem, so I've started drawing from the beginning.

    I've found, that when I use Place Shape tool, and select consecutive points of constructions line strings (which line strings are at the same XY coordinates, but differs at Z coordinate), resulting shape is forced to be planar. The 3D plane is defined by first three selected vertices, and next vertices which I select on construction line strings are projected to the plane, so obviously are not at the same coordinates.

    All of above can be found in attached DGN.

    Know I understand, why at Top View there is no two-planar resulting shape, but my goal is to build area object which is between two construction line strings.

    Maybe I should use some surface object or Facet ? Unfortunately I don't have much experience in 3D objects :/



  • Ryszard,

    I am not sure I understand your needs.

    In Map, we can add plane constraint to a XFM polygon collection. For that you have to defined a polygon collection in the schema (via GeoSpatial Administrator) and select one of option to set the plane you want to display and calculation of area.

    See help to understand each option : Support Non-Planar Shapes

    If you still facing issue, without using XFM planar option, you may check on CAD (MicroStation) forum who may provided more judicious inputs about 3D issues. Or maybe I can found someone to help you on my side.

    I hope that helps.

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  • Sebastien,

    Describing my needs (using an architectural example): I need to create one graphic object containing two or three adjacent walls of a room.

    I use OpenCities Map as main platform, but I'll follow your advice to ask on MicroStation forum.

    Thank you for your help,


  • Great!
    I am able to draw the object you need on my side. If the purpose is for surface calculation, or for display, I think the plain constrains may responds to you needs. Otherwise, I hope your post on MicroStation CAD Forum will find a good reply.


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