Data Browser filter- issue with ComboBox properties (integer) with domain list attached

Hi all,

Maybe I'm doing something wrong....

In the XFM schema I have properties, instances and values as shown in the Data Browser. Some of properties are defined in the XFM shema as ComboBoxes with attached domains (marked as red), and one is a TextBox (green).

When I try to filter the values form the TextBox properties everything works fine

The problem is when I try to filter the values in the ComboBox properties that store the values as integers. I cannot filter by value (integer) or name (string) of a property. (VNCO: 0 = Unknown; 1= Direct mapping...) 

With ComboBoxes who store values as a string everything works fine... (F_CODE: AL070 - Fence; AL260 - Wall, etc.)

XFM Schema: (contact me)

Many thanks in advance.

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OCM Ultimate

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