Rotation Angle from feature property (PBS?)

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I've seen few posts about same issue but it seems that deficiency is still here (e.g. link link link).

What I want is to create PBS or something similar that consider value in ANGLE property of the feature and apply rotation angle from that value to Text and Cell features.

1. attempt


I know... the solution is terrible but just want to check does PBS work on Angle and Color of the element. PBS for Color is working fine (and checking Criteria also) but for Angle it doesn't work.

2. attempt

Maybe it will work - NO! Disappointed

3. attempt

Tried with Item Types to see does we can relate angle of the element with property - it can only as Item Types, but I need similar functionality with XFM feature property.

Does anyone have any ideas because I'm ran out of it.

Thanks in advance.

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