How to write features in fme desktop to different models in a dgn file?

hello everyone, I think this might not be the right place to ask this question, since it's more about FME desktop than Microstation Connect. But I still wanted to ask this question, since
on the forum of SAFE ( the provider of FME desktop) not much people work with dgn files in FME desktop.
So, I thought why not try to ask this question in this forum and see whether I have more chance that someone might answer this question

In case this forum is not the right place to ask question, just let me know. Then I will delete this question.
In case it's not a problem. This question is targeted to people who work with Microstation Connect Edition and FME desktop.

The problem is that I try to write features to different models in a dgn file. In the attributemanager in FME desktop I determine that certain features are
written to different models determined by fme_feature_type. I have written the feature to a dgn file that is based on a seed file that already has included the models to which the features should be written to.
However, when I look at the output, I see that the features are not written to their respective model and I get the following popop that the model doesn't exist.

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