Terra match window not displaying

Hi there,

I am having an issue with my T match. I recently did the update of Microstation to after that, I had to re-install my Terrasolid apps. My T photo and T scan are working fine, but my T match is not. I have tried multiple different versions. when loading in the application, the license window comes up but the "ok" button is greyed out (meaning something is incorrectly typed in or its the wrong version, etc, but I have tried the original version I used before updating MS) but if I press my "enter" key then the information saves and the T match icon does appear in my toolbar, but when selecting an action from it the window does not show up and thus cannot go forward with my workflow.

I have also downgraded my MS back to the original version I was on: and tried all the same previous versions of r T match, and still no luck

any ideas? thanks in advance