DGN project to Shapefile

Hello everyone,

I have a question how to properly export a simple railway project to shapefile?

I tied OpenCities Map Ultimate, but when I try to export some data, it exports an empty SHP. I followed wiki, but to no avail.

Other project requirement is to export only alignment, but again I didn't manage...

Any recommendations?

Many thanks for any feedback 


  • Hello David, 

    Using OpenCities Map's Interoperability Export, areas that could lead to failure to pay attention to include: 

    - Spatial Criteria: 
    - is spatial area set to 'all' or are you restricting the area to export ?

    - Features Parameters:
    - are you filtering the export via 'where clause' ?

    - output: 
    Are you attempting to export to a shapefile directory (new shapefile) or add to an existing shapefile? 

    If adding to an existing, attempt export to a directory.   
    If this is successful where the other fails, then we might look at attribute table or topology inconsistencies between the existing and exported content. 
    Remember, shapefiles can contain only like topology and data.  Exporting more than one type (generally, more than one Map feature) would require a shapefile for each. 

    Finally check the message center for the export message.   If any warnings are shown, select them to view message details, these may provide the necessary clue. 

    Ultimately if you have no luck, consider filing a support Case and providing a testcase if possible. 

    Therein e.g. ideally we'd find:  
    - impx file (your saved export parameters)
    - map input (DGN)
    - shp result 
    -copies of message/error/detail text