Linestyles need to be reimported to be scaled properly (only on some machines)

Hello everyone, I have following question:

We have a .rsc file, containing defines linestyles. They display fine, correctly. However, our customer contacted us that the linestyles have different scale than they are supposed to have (they are thinner than supposed). They have to reimport the same linestyle - after reimporting the display is just fine (to note: the exact same .rsc, with same path). I'm trying to find the possible cause for this behavior as this behavior is not happening on my other machines. The only difference i found is that they are using  OpenCities Map Advanced version, while I have 10.17.02.xx. However, I highly doubt that such behavior can be caused by difference in minor versions, as many customers with update 16 didn't have this kind of problem. 

Do you have any pointers that could help me pinpoint the root of this problem? I checked for paths in RSC files loading, made sure that my path is at the top (so no other linestyles overwrite it), but that didn't help. We also did fresh reinstall on virtual machine, to ensure that this problem is not caused by some leftover files on machine. but didnt help.

Thanks for your help

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