Seamless Mapping of Raster Images

MS GeoGraphics used to have seamless mapping of raster images (see attached image).

How do we do the same with Ustn SS2 + Bentley Map SS1?


Bernardo Botelho

  • Hi Bernardo,

    For sure, Bentley Map cannot accept Raster in process of Reference File Index registration which must made in Bentley Geospatial Administrator to enable Seamless Mapping in Bentley Map.

    I know Raster Manager manage a “progressive pixels” which it displays pixels according to scale and view display. This is why it has not added in process of Seamless Mapping for now.  Maybe someone from Raster Team will be better than me to explain the process here.


    Sebastien Lefrancois

    Associate Software Quality Analyst

    This is a test

  • Hi Benardo,

    Raster Manager doesn't support seamless mapping, or more accurately, not completely. All file attached in Raster Manager are kept opened but the pixels of a raster file is only loaded on demand. All raster files attached in Raster Manager are sharing a common memory pool whose size is usually limited to a fraction of the available memory. This is why very big raster file (many gigabytes in size) can be easily handle by Raster Manager. In fact, there is no know limit of the size of the raster file that can be attached in Raster Manager.

    But there is a limit on the number of raster files that can be attached in Raster Manager, whatever the size of those raster files. The limit is caused by the fact that Raster Manager keeps all raster files opened, which required some memory (no more than a few megabytes per file). So the number of files that can be attached in Raster Manager is directly related to the memory available on a computer. I would say that a few thousand raster files could probably be attached in Raster Manager on a not too old computer.

    So, is it why you want the seamless mapping, because of have too much raster files and all of them could not be attached in Raster Manager at the same time?