VRT File Parameters

I've found the example VRT file to import a CSV file containing point data and have been using that quite a bit. Is it possible to import line and polygon data from a CSV file? If so, what are the VRT file tags to do that? Is there any additional documentation on the VRT file tags?


  • Rod,

    Attached is a set of sample CSV files and related VRT file defined as...

    ...which makes use of WKT geometry field encoding for points, lines and polygons. After opening the example VRT file, the "Interoperability" application displays the following...

    ...with an "Import" resulting in the following feature instances...

    ...and "Analyze Feature" showing both business and geometric properties, as well as the WKT property...

     ...which you may want to disable in the "Interoperability" application prior to performing the "Import" operation.


    Jeff Bielefeld [Bentley]

  • Why in Map SS4 using the same example it shows as duplicates?

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