• OpenCities Planner - New release, April 2020

    We’re pleased to announce the new release of OpenCities Planner.

    Save time with templates
    Create your own template and reuse it across your projects for consistency and timesaving.

    Benefit from ShowRoom application now on Azure
    Quickly synchronize your projects from the cloud and run them without internet connection during exhibitions, showrooms and operation centers. Benefit from a friendly touch navigation and…

  • Contact OpenCities Planner team

    For any partnerships and commercial request, please contact Hakan Engman, director business development, digital cities.

    Telephone/Mobile (SWE):  +46703057707 

    E-mail:  hakan.engman@bentley.com

    Address: Bentley Systems Sweden AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 55, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden

  • OpenCities Planner in a nutshell

    Visualize urban planning & infrastructure projects Upload CAD models of planned development and place it in your city model. Study shadows and generate reports. Show “Before/After” scenarios with togglable Layers and Groups. Add Points of Interest to pinpoint information. Mix 2D, 3D, images, video, text, and surveys to communicate in a way that people really understand. Share with stakeholders. Publish…
  • Top reasons to get started with OpenCities Planner

    Looking for 3D visualisation that makes sense to you? Considering OpenCities Planner but not sure if it’s the right thing for your organisation? Look no further! Here are the top reasons why you need to get started with OpenCities Planner!

    Awesome 3D world visualization
    • Render entire 3D city models, countries, worlds! Streaming tho’, so you don’t have to download gigabytes of data to your device.…