OpenCities Planner in a nutshell

Visualize urban planning & infrastructure projects

Upload CAD models of planned development and place it in your city model. Study shadows and generate reports. Show “Before/After” scenarios with togglable Layers and Groups. Add Points of Interest to pinpoint information. Mix 2D, 3D, images, video, text, and surveys to communicate in a way that people really understand. Share with stakeholders. Publish links to your 3D project directly to web and mobile.

If 3D is not enough, slap on some VR goggles to really get people immersed in your ideas. OpenCities Planner supports Cardboard as well as Vive and Oculus Rift. 

Add geodata and create 3D GIS portals within minutes

With OpenCities Planner you can enhance your 3D city model with geodata layers via Web Map Service (WMS) very easily. Just add the WMS address, pick the layers you want, and turn on GetFeatureInfo-click support. Finish up by creating Viewpoints, maybe add a search, and any further details you need for your geoportal. You can also use Shape files or integrate directly with spatial databases.

For Showrooms & Exhibitions

Nothing grabs attention like 3D visualization on a big screen and people enjoying VR experiences. OpenCities Planner is a great conversation starter at exhibitions, providing easy opportunities to discuss the benefits of establishing business in your city with potential investors.

OpenCities Planner Offline runs completely off a local gaming computer to provide maximum render quality and stability.

Easy to use, easy to update

The CityPlanner Editor supports drag & drop of content and WYSIWYG-editing features. It's a 3D tool with a user interface that's a joy to use. Upload 3D-models, import shape files, add WMS layers and share with your team, stakeholders & citizens with ease.