Top reasons to get started with OpenCities Planner

Looking for 3D visualisation that makes sense to you? Considering OpenCities Planner but not sure if it’s the right thing for your organisation? Look no further! Here are the top reasons why you need to get started with OpenCities Planner!

Awesome 3D world visualization

  • Render entire 3D city models, countries, worlds! Streaming tho’, so you don’t have to download gigabytes of data to your device.
  • Mix 2D with 3D, add buttons, clickable 3D models, WMS, Shape, POIs, and more!
  • The tools! Sketching in 3D, Importing CAD, Shadow Reports, Elevation Rendering, Measurements, Exporting 2D and 3D. I could go on, you know….

Hassle-free tech

  • Easy to use. In fact, anyone can use it (or we send you complimentary pitepalt). Furthermore we offer webinars, help pages, an active blog with news and tips, plus a friendly community manager and dedicated support team to assist you.
  • No installations. OpenCities Planner is an always updated cloud service, so there’s no need to get permission from frowny faced IT-people.
  • No need to buy new expensive client or server hardware.

Engage stakeholders & citizens

  • If you visualise it, they will get it. No training is needed to see things in 3D, most people already know how to do that.
  • Publish 3D visualisations on Web & Mobile. Invite to Showrooms. One solution to reach them all.
  • If 3D is not enough, slap some VR-goggles on to really get people immersed in your ideas. We support cardboard as well as Vive and Oculus Rift.

Your employees want to work in 3D

  • Young people, freshly baked out of university are expecting to work with modern tools and 3D environments. Don’t disappoint them or they’ll look for work elsewhere.
  • The ambitious people already in your organisation are no different, they’ve seen what other organisations do (70+ orgs in Scandinavia use OpenCities Planner, just sayin’). Adapt or lose your talent.