Geo Web Publisher - Get Feature Info


There isn't an option for Geo Web Publisher so we have resorted to the Bentley Map Forum.

Does anyone know how to get Feature Info requests when it comes to WMS layers in Geo Web Publisher.

We have added the layer and can see the map but when we use the info tool to access the layer information nothing works.

Any help welcome, any at all.


  • Hi Leah,

    Geo Web Publisher operates with respect to WMS, in 2 fashions.

    a) as a publisher of WMS, a WMS Server in and of itself.

    In the publishing role, we support the WMS GetFeatureInfo request for valid layers (layers with associated non-graphical data, i.e. properties)

    A URl which should work inherently to display this role with the delivered Whistler example when executed on the server itself (localhost), is e.g. :
    (deconstructed here)


    The data is then returned to the client in XML format:

    b) as a consumer of WMS data.
    This is the role you are in when you have added a WMS connection and WMS Graphical Source layer to a Map.
    In this role, the WMS layer type cannot be made 'selectable' within the Map Author.
    This reveals that the (non-graphical) data cannot be passed through a WMS Map layer.
    So as this is your case, it cannot be done accomplished 'out of the box'

    There may be some programmatic avenue to create a custom tool, formatting the data in a fashion similar to that shown in 'a' and pass that along (to a frame, a new window, etc.).
    If pursuing this route, I'd first ensure that your WMS publisher is supporting the GetFeatureInfo request for the desired layer.
    This might most easily be assessed by assembling a URL similar to that shown in 'a', substituting applicable values from the provider.

    For details on the GetFeatureInfo request syntax note your provider's WMS version (1.1.1, 1.3.0, etc), and see the applicable document here:


  • Hello Experts,

    My requirement is to get feature info inside Bentley Map. Is there any COTS tool to click in the map and get the Feature Info?

    if not, how i can get wms map click event so i can build WMS GET FEATURE info URL and send the request to display response in custom popup. 

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.