ArcGIS PRO 2.4


Is there a Projectwise Integrator for  ArcGIS Pro 2.4 ?

(My GIS team is using ArcGIS 10.7 and that isn't supported through the ProjectWise Geospatial Integrator so seeing if the latest Pro is.)

  • Hello Lisa, 

    The ArcGIS Pro client is not yet supported, but we do have an enhancement request on the books for it. 

    I would suggest that you file a Service Request, we can then track the request and notify you if and when implemented. 

    Practically speaking, the iDesktop for ArcGIS currently available should work with presently-known versions subsequent to the currently-supported 10.3.1, in cursory tests this has proven to be the case.   We simply cannot support the combination as such. If a problem is encountered, it would need to be reproduced using the supported combination for troubleshooting to commence, any eventual Defect filing, etc. 

    To that end though, we are awaiting the release of ProjectWise Geospatial Management compatible with ProjectWise "Update 3" releases.  The exact Update 3 rev# is TBD.   This impending release will likely support ArcMAP through v 10.6.1, and perhaps beyond, TBD.   As 10.7 support is not finalized, I would likewise suggest a second Service Request to track this version request specifically.