First Answer Hour: live Q&A on Ground Water and Pore Pressures

Title: Answer Hour - Ground Water and Pore Pressures in PLAXIS
Host/Presenters: Stefanos Papavasileiou, Manager, Technical Support, Geotechnical Engineering at Bentley Systems, Inc.
Date/Time: 27 July 2021 at 11:00 A.M. EDT (17:00 CET)

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Greetings from Bentley Systems!

Groundwater and pore water pressure are important components of a PLAXIS calculation. When dealing with a simple phreatic water level, a complex transient dewatering scheme, or even seasonal water condition changes, PLAXIS provides many options to assist with modeling. In this session we will provide a short introduction to what PLAXIS defines as water pore pressures and answer some questions we see often in our support inbox.

Users participating in this live Q&A webinar session are asked to also bring their questions so that we can try and clarify how PLAXIS can simulate your case.

Answer Hours are short, interactive presentations with Bentley experts designed to address topics and issues that are currently trending among users and administrators.