Geotechnical Analysis webinars March 2021 on soil liquefaction

Geotechnical Analysis webinars March 2021 on soil liquefaction

This March 2021, PLAXIS showcased two new constitutive soil models that target liquefaction types of problems. March 09 we told about the PM4Silt model, and on March 10, Mike Jeffries discussed the NorSand model implementation for PLAXIS

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SIG Workshop - Geotechnical Analysis: Seismic Behavior of Fine-grained Soils using PM4Silt

Host: Micha van der Sloot, Senior Manager User Success - Geotechnical, Bentley Systems, Inc.
Presenter: Ilaria Del Brocco, Research Engineer II - Geotechnical, Bentley Systems, Inc.
On-demand: Bentley LEARN server: Seismic Behavior of Fine-grained Soils using PM4Silt

This Geotechnical Analysis Special Interest Group virtual workshop focuses on how to perform a dynamics analysis for cyclic softening assessment using PLAXIS 2D and a recently implemented soil model: PM4Silt. We will dive into some choices you need to make for such an analysis. During this one-hour session, you will learn:

  • In which case could dynamic liquefaction or cyclic softening and cyclic mobility be a problem?
  • When to use PM4Sand or when to use PM4Silt
  • How to run a 1D site response analysis


Bentley Webinar: PLAXIS introduces NorSand model with creator, Mike Jefferies

Host: Sandro Brasile, Geotechnical Research, Bentley Systems, Inc.
Presenter: Mike Jefferies, Independent Consulting Engineer
On-demand: Bentley webinar: PLAXIS introduces NorSand model

With an increase of tailings dam failures involving liquefaction over the past two decades, the mining industry now faces a questionable future. An industry-led response involves the implementation of the NorSand model for engineers involved in tailings dams.

Joined by leading consulting engineer, Mike Jefferies, we will cover both the historical origins of the model, as well as the implementation of this important model going forward.

Users will learn about:

  • Liquefaction dam failures and pitfalls
  • Evolution of the critical state theory and the state parameter for the soil characterization
  • Origins of NorSand
  • Practical use of NorSand

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