Release of PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition V20

PLAXIS MoDeTo - Splash

With this release, PLAXIS MoDeTo joins PLAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D as a CONNECT Edition application. The version name convention has been changed to reflect this. PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition V20 is now fully integrated with PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 1. It utilizes Subscription Entitlement Service, which replaces the previous dongle-based licensing system.
PLAXIS 3D and MoDeTo

This new version also introduces the 1D analysis of layered soils in accordance with the premises of PISA Phase 2, enabling the analysis of mixed sand-clay sites, and the use of codified API P-Y curves for sands and clays as an alternative to PISA.


New features

The list of new features in PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition V20.

CONNECT Edition with SES Licencing

PLAXIS uses licencing through Subscription Entitlement Service (SES). Product activation and software updates are managed using the CONNECTION Client. For further information, please see the Bentley Communities page Subscription Entitlement Service on this topic.

Integration with PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition

PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition is fully integrated with PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition and the PLAXIS Python distribution. To facilitate version synchrony, all three applications are jointly distributed in a single installer.

Analysis of layered soils according to PISA Phase 2

It is possible to combine multiple sets of soil reaction curves, either rule-based or calibrated from homogeneous soil profiles, to conduct 1D analyses of monopiles in a layered soil, in accordance to the findings of PISA Phase 2. Once a set of soil reaction curves is calibrated for a homogeneous soil profile, they can be stored and re-used to generate multiple layered stratigraphies, e.g. for the analysis of different locations within an offshore wind farm.

MoDeTo V20 - layered soil

Use of standard API/DNV-GL P-Y curves for clays and sands

Next to numerical-based or rule-based PISA soil reaction curves, codified P-Y curves for clays and sands according to the API RP 2A-WSD standard can be used to model soil behavior in 1D analyses.


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For more details and what technical issues have been solved, please read our release notes: