Shear along an interface

When using MC model for an interface I expect no shear is transferred from one side to the other side of the interface when a "gap" is produced. No contact = no shear, but I notice that although the frictional component vanishes the cohesive part is still present. Is there a way of considering that no shear is transferred when a gap is produced between the structure and the soil?



  • Dear Frederico,

    It's not possible to consider no shear if an interface opens because for calculating the shear stress it just does so and it does not check whether the interface is open or not.
    Generally this is not considered a problem as an interface represents soil remoulded due to the installation of for instance a wall or pile, and such remoulded soil usually has very little to no cohesion. But if indeed you do want to use a larger cohesion that cannot be discarded, unfortunately.

    With kind regards,

    Dennis Waterman