Plaxis 2D Tutorial 09

Sir I have Done Tutorial 09 - Stability of dam under rapid draw down by changing the dimensions of the base of core.

Actual base coordinates are (10,0) and (-10,0)

On a thought to know how the factor of safety changes by changing the core dimensions i have changed them to (15,0) and (-15,0).

But I can't get output. Intial phase (high reservoir) is not getting calculated.

I have attached the screenshot and data.success file of that error.

Please kindly look over my problem sir.

  • Dear J. Usha Kranti,

    In your project we can see information about error in log info in Phases window:

    According to Reference manual, Appendix H, hint for error 34 is: 

    The groundwater flow calculation did not converge. Please check the input parameters and the phase settings.

    I know from experience that flow calculations are quite sensitive to mesh density. If you have big finite elements, you may have some calculation issues.

    In such cases I locally refine mesh in dam (embankment).
    For instance 0.5 in dam clusters:

    As a result Initial phase is successfully calculated:

  • Dear J. Usha Kranti,

    First of all, note that our tutorial examples are only examples to show the PLAXIS functionality and are written for that purpose. Therefore, these examples should only be used under this scope.

    I would always advise you to create a model based on the geometry you want to simulate (i.e. your current project) and focus on checking the results rather than on working on a tutorial example. Then, any issues encountered can be evaluated on real project geometry and material data.

    Regarding the error message, I agree with Rushan here. A groundwater flow analysis is a complex finite element calculation based on material parameters (e.g. permeabilities), groundwater flow boundary conditions and generated mesh. 

    In some cases, you may need to apply local refinements in areas where a change of groundwater head or flow is to be expected. Note that since this is a tutorial example we only applied the refinements needed to demonstrate the functionality of PLAXIS rather than optimise it for real project design.