Clashing elements in deformed mesh view in Plaxis 2D and 3D


I am modelling a deep excavation that uses Diaphragm walls as ERSS and cross walls the lateral support system in Plaxis 2D. I have used plate elements to model Diaphragm walls and used linear elastic material (G30 concrete properties) to model the smeared cross wall.

After running the analysis, the deformed mesh at the final stage of excavation shows that the cross wall is cutting through the Dwall and jutting out into the outside soil as circled in red in the image attached. The effect is more pronounced when I model the same system in Plaxis 3D (I hid the soil elements for clear visibility of the problem area)

Is this a common phenomenon due to the exaggerated scale of deflections in deformed mesh view and means nothing? Or does it actually mean the cross walls are cutting through the Dwalls which means some error in my modelling - if so, how to model it correctly?

I have attached my model in this link in case you need to check -

Thanks a lot in advance,


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