[FIXED] CONNECTION Client versions and issue connecting

Dear all,

[12 March 2021]

The issue with CONNECTION Client versions is now fixed in our new version of the CONNECTION Client.

This is available on Software Downloads: https://softwaredownloads.bentley.com 

Additionally, it will soon also be available at the Bentley store (no account rights required): https://store.bentley.com/en/products/1000CC--CONNECTION-client

[08 March 2021]

We have identified an issue with the latest patch for Microsoft Edge that has started to be pushed out. This causes sign-in issues with CONNECTION Client versions and 

If you are unable to sign in to the CONNECTION Client, please install version from Software Downloads: 

Make sure to first uninstall your current version before proceeding with installing the older version.

We have contacted Microsoft to get a solution to this issue as soon as possible.

For updates, please check: https://status.bentley.com/