Plastic points in Python


Does anyone know how to change the following Plaxis 2D 2019 Output command line code to Python code -

getresults Phase_1 ResultTypes.Soil.PlasticPointTypeText "Stresspoint"

I'm trying to export the plastic point data data for a large amount of simulations and I'd like to use Python to do it, just like I have been for other types of data (e.g. principle stress, strain, etc.). I tried this syntax

PPTT = g_o.getresults(g_o.Phase_1, g_o.ResultTypes.Soil.PlasticPointTypeText,"Stresspoint")

but got the following error when the Python script ran -

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 69, in <module>
PPTT = g_o.getresults(g_o.Phase_1, g_o.ResultTypes.Soil.PlasticPointTypeText,"Stresspoint")
File "C:\Program Files\Plaxis\PLAXIS 2D\python\lib\site-packages\plxscripting\", line 229, in __getattr__
"Requested attribute '{}' is not present".format(attr_name))
AttributeError: Requested attribute 'PlasticPointTypeText' is not present

The plastic point history data exports ok with Python using the names in the output objects manual (e.g. PlasticPointHistoryMohrCoulomb), but I'd prefer the plastic point data for at the end of a phase only and not all plastic points up to that point. Any help appreciated.

Thank you,


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