PLAXIS Calculation Manager is not poping out


I tried to open Plaxis Calculation Manager from both Plaxis 2D Input (Ver. from my computer but when I clicked the Calculation Manager trom Expert menu. There is no calculation manager window poping out.

I have checked that I have the geotechnical Select Entitlements turned on in my license ( i can see the icon is blue in Help/ About)

Could you please help me on how to activate my calculation manager?

Thank you.

  • Hi Andi

    Sometimes this option has some Python configuration/setting missing. A reinstallation does not always solve it.

    Easiest to fix this is:

    Go to 
    • PLAXIS Input  > Expert > Python > Command prompt...
    • and then run the following command by typing (or copy/paste) assuming everything is installed in the default location:
      "%programdata%\Bentley\Geotechnical\PLAXIS Python Internal Distribution V1\python_internal\pythonw.exe" "%programfiles%\Bentley\Geotechnical\PLAXIS 2D CONNECT Edition V20\tools\MultiCalc\runner.pyw"

    We improved this behavior in PLAXIS 2D CE V21.