Exporting cross-section table results from Plaxis 2D to .txt file

Greetings all,

I am currently running several thousands of dynamic nonlinear deformation analysis with approximately 15 k elements per model. As you may understand, with such numbers it is difficult to evaluate results manually.

I was able to prepare the models automatically following the command line outcomes but when it comes to post-processing, command lines do not show the commands for every step.

For example, to cut a cross-section and extract results manually, following is what I do:

1. Cut the cross-section using Tools>Cross section

2- Select the output type (say horizontal displacement at that phase)

3 - Click on the table icon by right clicking on the cross section

4 - Select all data

5 - Export to .txt

After doing this manually, I am able to utilize python because at this point it is independent of Plaxis.

Is there any way to do above 5 steps automatically by "Run Commands" option? I am a python user and I have tried to follow the python scripting guidelines but found it difficult to understand and put the pieces together to do what I want to do above.

Thank you