• Come and meet Simba at our Geo-Congress Booth.

    simba muchineripiFace-to-face conferences are back!

    We are so glad to be out on the road again and look forward to catching up with our users at our Bentley and Seequent booths at Geo-Congress in Charlotte March 20 – 23.

    So much has changed in the two years since we last exhibited at Geo-Congress that we highly recommend that you take 10 minutes out of your schedule to come and share a coffee and news with the Bentley and Seequent…

    • Mon, Mar 14 2022
  • Project Recycle Bin added to OpenGround alongside other Fixes and Improvements

    A new capability to restore deleted projects is available in the February 2022 release.

    A deleted project will live in the recycle bin for 90 days from this release onwards. A user can select the new Recycle Bin option from the System ribbon, select the project, and then restore it to its original state within the 90 day period but the project will be removed from the recycle bin and fully deleted after the 90 days. Projects…

    • Mon, Feb 21 2022
  • New License-Free OpenGround Upload Portal

    We are pleased to announce that the Data Upload features for OpenGround are now available to use license-free via the new upload portal.

    Any user with an OpenGround login, can visit the upload portal, select the appropriate project from the projects they have been granted access to, and upload CSV, gINT or AGS data directly to the import queue for the project.

    This feature allows data to be checked and validated before…

    • Tue, Jan 11 2022
  • Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Information – Creating Geotechnical Cross Sections with the OpenGround Cloud Civil 3D Extension

    Title: Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Information – Creating Geotechnical Cross Sections with the OpenGround Cloud Civil 3D Extension
    Presenter: Katie Aguilar, Senior Application Engineer, Bentley Systems, Inc.
    Date and Time: Wednesday October 13th, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT

    Register Now!

    Are you looking to create Plan and Profile drawings using your subsurface data in OpenGround Cloud? Do you want to make generating these…

    • Wed, Sep 29 2021
  • Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Models with OpenGround and Leapfrog Works.

    September 8th 11 am EDT - 4 pm BST

    Following the announcement that Leapfrog Connector to OpenGround is now out of the box we are pleased to be joined on our coffee corner this month by Fiamma Giovacchini, Customer Solution Specialist for Civil & Environmental from Seequent.

    Fiamma is a technical expert in Leapfrog works and will present the basics of building a geotechnical model using this exciting new product in our…

    • Thu, Aug 26 2021
  • Leapfrog Works Connector Out of the Box for OpenGround

    Bentley and Seequent are pleased to announce that the OpenGround Connector in Leapfrog Works is now out of the Early Adopter Program (EAP) and available to all Leapfrog Works users with an OpenGround account.

    The OpenGround Connector allows Leapfrog Works users to connect a model to a project in OpenGround and import all borehole data to analyse in Leapfrog Works.  Users can import data from any of 200+ grids of data or…

    • Thu, Aug 26 2021
  • AGS Checkers, DIGGS and the future world of Data Transfer

    The Bentley Geotechnical Information Management team is taking a leading role in developing OpenSource toolkits for AGS and DIGGS and are retiring our AGS checkers to help support these initiatives.

    We have been a big supporter of transferring geotechnical data in a standardized format since the start of our involvement in the UK AGS format committee in 1997 and the US DIGGS committee in 2005. 

    Our hard work and perseverance…

    • Wed, Aug 11 2021
  • 4th August - Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Information – Constructing Material Descriptions

    4th August 2021 OpenGround Cloud is all about geotechnical data management, including material descriptions. Material descriptions are data that organizations standardize, but also need to leave room for remarks on nuances in the material.

    Join us for the August 2021 Coffee Corner where we will discuss:

    • Tools in OpenGround Cloud to build standard descriptions with room for nuances via quicklists
    • Adding picklists and…
    • Mon, Aug 2 2021
  • Supported Platforms Announcement: AutoCAD Civil 3D

    We are pleased to announce the release of the Civil 3D Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2022.  Versions 2017 and 2018  will be removed from the Launcher, as they are no more supported by Autodesk. If you are upgrading or renewing AutoCAD licenses, please note we do not support AutoCAD Civil 3D versions prior to 2019.

    • Thu, Jul 22 2021
  • Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Information - The Business Case to Adopt OpenGround Cloud

    Title: Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Information - The Business Case to Adopt OpenGround Cloud
    Presenters: Katie Aguilar, Senior Application Engineer - Geotechnical, Bentley Systems Inc.
    Date/Time: 07 July 2021 at 9:00 A.M EDT and 05:00 P.M. EDT

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    Mark your calendar and make plans to attend this Geotechnical Information Coffee Corner where you will learn more about OpenGround Cloud – not just a new software which…

    • Wed, Jun 30 2021
  • Preparing for OpenGround Azure Migration

    OpenGround will be migrated to Microsoft Azure (starting end of July 2021), offering users an improved level of service, experience and more scalable solution. This article contains information about the new environment and how to arrange a smooth migration.

    The Environment:

    The OpenGround Regions will remain unchanged as London (UK) and Virginia (USA). There is no change in the Service Level Agreement and the service…

    • Sun, Jun 20 2021
  • OpenGround Standard Components Now Available on Component Center

    The OpenGround Support team and have been hard at work over the last few months to source all of the default components that have been created so that we can make these available to all of our OpenGround users.

    Access to the Component Center is available for all Bentley CONNECT users who have been given the Component Center Read access under the Bentley Cloud Services access and permissions portal. If you do not have…

    • Fri, May 28 2021
  • OpenGround Coffee Corners Start on 2nd June

    Exciting news! Starting in June, Bentley is pleased to launch new programs to help you develop your skills and the value of your Bentley software. The technology presentations known as Special Interest Groups (SIGs) become a part of the new Coffee Corner webinar platform. You can expect Coffee Corners to be more focused with shorter presentations, more interactive with time for discussion, and more applicable to cover…

    • Thu, May 27 2021
  • CMW Geosciences and Microsoft join us with Infrastructure Thought Leaders Series: Data Integrity Ground to Cloud

    Learn how engineers are integrating cloud technology to leverage geotechnical data from mobile collection to subsurface digital twins.

    11.30 am - 1 pm (Australian Eastern Standard) 27th May 2021 

    Data. We all need it and there are certainly many challenges to ensuring you have it at the right time in the right place.

    This session explores new cloud technology available to drive efficiency and improve ROI on geotechnical…

    • Tue, May 25 2021
  • SIG Workshop: Geotechnical Information – OpenGround Cloud End User Tips for Adopting New Technology

    Title: SIG Workshop: Geotechnical Information – OpenGround Cloud End User Tips for Adopting New Technology
    Host/Presenters: Katie Aguilar, Senior Application, Engineer, Geotechnical Bentley Systems, Inc.
    Date/Time: April 07, 2021 at 09:00 A.M. EDT or 05:00 P.M. EDT

    Register for the April 7 SIG (09:00 AM or 05:00 PM EDT)

    This Geotechnical Information Special Interest Group virtual workshop takes a look at, once you…

    • Sat, Mar 27 2021
  • OpenGround Cloud Data Collector CONNECT Edition Update 1 has been released!

    New version of OpenGround Cloud Data Collector ( is now available!

    What's New:

    • Ability to customize the Location Details
    • Bug fixes
    • Wed, Feb 17 2021
  • OpenGround Cloud and HoleBASE CONNECT Edition Database Model Upgrades

    This article details the planned changes to provide support for AGS 4.0.4 and enable further standardization. It applies to HoleBASE and OpenGround Cloud.  The main focus of this release is to increase compatibility with the UK AGS 4.0.4 data standard while maintaining our core concepts of a standardized data model and minimizing any disruption and inconvenience for all of our users. This upgrade is currently planned…
    • Tue, Dec 15 2020
  • Year In Infrastructure Conference 2020 - Top 5 Geotechnical Data Highlights

    I hope you enjoyed the Geotechnical Information Management’s team content at the Year In Infrastructure conference this year. Don’t worry if you missed anything - everything is available to watch on-demand. I’ve included my personal highlights and links below to help you decide where to start
    • Mon, Nov 30 2020
  • New OpenGround Cloud forum is open for Questions (and answers)

    Asking questions and finding answers about OpenGround Cloud got easier today as the platform now has its own forum.  Everyone can view existing questions and answers on the forum and you can log in with your Bentley User Credentials to ask a question or reply to others.

    The new forum is the first step in making the OpenGround Cloud community more useful and easier to use for you.  The idea was suggested by Devin in a forum…

    • Fri, Nov 13 2020
  • OpenGround Cloud Data Collector Released on Google Play Store

    The OpenGround product team is proud to announce release of the Android application, Data Collector.

    Data Collector is an integrated tablet optimized data capture solution for OpenGround Cloud, Bentley’s secure, cloud-based, collaboration platform for geotechnical data management.

    Geotechnical professionals frequently encounter the time consuming and error-prone process of transcribing pen-and-paper field logs…

    • Fri, Oct 2 2020
  • Increase the Value of your Geotechnical Data with Bentley’s OpenGround Cloud

    Data Integrity Ground to Cloud with Geotechnical Information Management

    The need for accessible and reliable geotechnical data is increasing.  Better decision-making requires better data, and better data requires effective information management.

    “By being more informed, geotechnical engineering illustrates how advanced technology has exponentially improved the sophistication, reliability, and accessibility of data and…

    • Tue, Jul 14 2020
  • Supported Platforms Announcement: AutoCAD Civil 3D

    With the introduction of the Civil 3D Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2021, scheduled for release Q4 2020, support for 2017 and 2018 versions will end 1st October 2020. If you are upgrading or renewing AutoCAD licenses, please know we do not plan to support AutoCAD Civil 3D versions prior to 2019.

    Full Support: from Q4 2020

    OpenGround Cloud

    • OpenGround Cloud Civil 3D Extension 2021 (currently in development)
    • OpenGround…
    • Wed, May 27 2020
  • Retirement of Keynetix Support Suite and Migration over to Bentley Connect Center

    Update : 29th June 2020

    The migration over to the Bentley CONNECT Center for all Keynetix and OpenGround software is now complete and as a result no new tickets will be picked up on via the legacy Keynetix support system (keynetix.kayako.com).

    New service requests should be logged via the CONNECT Centre. Any open tickets currently logged on the Keynetix support system will still be dealt with via the legacy system until…

    • Wed, May 20 2020
  • gINT CONNECT Edition Update 2 v. has been released!

    We are pleased to announce the release of gINT CONNECT Edition Update 2 version This release fixes some high-priority issues and enhancements. It is available for download from https://select.bentley.com/FulfillmentCenter/

    What's New: 

    • Integrate CONNECT Advisor for quick access to training, videos and webinars. 
    • ProjectWise Integration: add support of IMS connection type.
    • Defects fixed.
    • Fri, Apr 24 2020
  • Working from Home with Keynetix Products

    In these challenging times when COVID-19 is imposing significant disruptions to day to day activities and affecting normal business flow of our much-valued users and employees, we at Bentley are mindfully committed to ensuring a smooth transition of work ...
    • Mon, Apr 20 2020