• gINT is Alive and Growing!

    Let’s talk gINT and growth. In short where have we been and where are we going.

    Where we’ve been

    gINT was founded in 1985 to provide centralized data management and reporting for geotechnical subsurface projects of all types. The software automates many repetitive tasks, eliminates redundant data entry, and dramatically increases productivity.  Over time it has changed from a DOS to ACCESS base, adding SQL…

  • gINT Announcement

    Dear gINT Users,

    Bentley released gINT version believing that it had fixed the registry issue as seen in gINT version

    We have heard from 2 users of the registry error still occurring. It was decided to pull the version to prevent further issues.

    If you are using gINT version or please remove the version and revert back to, which is available for download at…