• Additional information and a workaround for Users affected by the Microsoft patch

    Dear gINT Users,

    On January 8, 2019 Microsoft released updates (‘Patch Tuesday’) that included a security patch for the JET Database Engine. We have received numerous reports from users who are unable to open gINT projects after installing this patch. This patch was included in several Windows Updates (KBs) including those listed below (and possibly others).

    We have been working with Microsoft to find a workaround…

  • Microsoft update for January 8 prevents users from being able to open a gINT project

    Dear gINT Users,

    Microsoft released a patch on Tuesday January 8.  Items in that patch will make the gINT database un-recognizable, and you will not be able to open gINT.

    At this time we do not know the specific item in the patch, but we are working on things. This has our highest priority.

    The error is non version specific for gINT.

    Please watch this space for updates and information. We will be forth coming with more…