• Fix for gINT Users affected by the January 8 Microsoft Patch has been released

    Dear gINT Users,

    Today, Microsoft has released a fix for those users who were affected by the January 8 Patch that caused issues opening gINT databases as noted in previous blogs.

    Below is a table with KB#, targeted OS, and a link to the update from Microsoft.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    If you have additional questions, or continue to have issues, please reach out to us.



    OS Tar…
  • An update for gINT Users affected by the January 8 Microsoft patch

    Dear gINT Users, 

    It has been awhile since my last post updating you. 

    As I have stated, Bentley has been working closely with Microsoft on this issue. That has not changed. 

    Since our my last post, the root cause has been identified,  a proper fix implemented, and initial testing have proved successful. 

    Bentley and Microsoft will continue to test this fix, and a fix should be available shortly.

    Please continue to watch this…