• Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Models with OpenGround and Leapfrog Works.

    September 8th 11 am EDT - 4 pm BST

    Following the announcement that Leapfrog Connector to OpenGround is now out of the box we are pleased to be joined on our coffee corner this month by Fiamma Giovacchini, Customer Solution Specialist for Civil & Environmental from Seequent.

    Fiamma is a technical expert in Leapfrog works and will present the basics of building a geotechnical model using this exciting new product in our…

  • Leapfrog Works Connector Out of the Box for OpenGround

    Bentley and Seequent are pleased to announce that the OpenGround Connector in Leapfrog Works is now out of the Early Adopter Program (EAP) and available to all Leapfrog Works users with an OpenGround account.

    The OpenGround Connector allows Leapfrog Works users to connect a model to a project in OpenGround and import all borehole data to analyse in Leapfrog Works.  Users can import data from any of 200+ grids of data or…

  • AGS Checkers, DIGGS and the future world of Data Transfer

    The Bentley Geotechnical Information Management team is taking a leading role in developing OpenSource toolkits for AGS and DIGGS and are retiring our AGS checkers to help support these initiatives.

    We have been a big supporter of transferring geotechnical data in a standardized format since the start of our involvement in the UK AGS format committee in 1997 and the US DIGGS committee in 2005. 

    Our hard work and perseverance…

  • 4th August - Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Information – Constructing Material Descriptions

    4th August 2021 OpenGround Cloud is all about geotechnical data management, including material descriptions. Material descriptions are data that organizations standardize, but also need to leave room for remarks on nuances in the material.

    Join us for the August 2021 Coffee Corner where we will discuss:

    • Tools in OpenGround Cloud to build standard descriptions with room for nuances via quicklists
    • Adding picklists and…