gINT Can: Change Grid Data Entry Layout

Layout of tables, fields and records is easily changed in the Input application, to tailor the grid data-entry screen for easy input.

With a few restrictions, the order of fields can easily be changed by dragging the column header right or left. This does not affect reporting of data stored in the field, because gINT does not use field order to locate data.

Record order can also be changed by right-click-and-dragging the left-most cell in the row up or down:


You can change the order in which tables are displayed in the grid data-entry screen:

With these tools, it is easy to configure the data-entry grid for efficient input.

References - Help Topics
- For information on moving columns and rows, see gINT Help > Contents > Input Application Group > Grids
- Changing table display order is covered in gINT Help > Contents > Commands > Alphabetical List > Input Sequence.

Pat Cummings
gINT Trainer

  • Making data entry easy and intuitive is very important.  The next step is coloring columns, based on their data entry status, say pale brown for "enter data", and pale green for "calculated".  

    The next step is using gINT Rules to control the color of cells, very useful if different rows in the grid have a different data entry scenario.