gINT Collector Trial

  Step 1 – Please read below and watch our video

  Step 2 – Download our gINT Administrator from our Software Fulfillment Center.

  Step 3 – Download gINT Collect APP on Google Play 

gINT Collector is our mobile app for subsurface investigation digital data collection. This can be any type of subsurface investigation where field personnel collect data and your organization uses gINT to manage your data and generate reports.

Shifting to digital data collection in the field is a huge shift in procedure and tradition. It requires some set up and configuration to organizational needs. And a system that enables data transfer when there is a connection.

We’re here to help

To aid in the shift in traditional methods to digital methods Bentley is offering a free 30-day trial to users who are interested.  Starting today, you can download gINT Administrator and gINT Collector for a free 30-day trial. As soon as you install the application your 30-day trial begins. For example, if you install gINT Admin on June 19, the trial for gINT Admin expires 30 days later. Then if you install gINT Collector on June 25, the trial for Collector expires 30 days from June 25.

How do you start this trial you ask?  To make the best use of the trial time you have, we suggest reviewing the installation and setup process before installing either application.


We have many resources to help you get started. We suggested started with watching the series of short videos available on Communities. If you need additional help, there is a QuickStart guide that walks you through a sample set up and configuration from using the CONNECT portal to collecting data with gINT Collector.

And we have recorded two Special Interest Group (SIGs) sessions featuring the initial set up before you even get to gINT Collector, and data collection process as well.

Looking for hardware requirements and other basic requirements? Access our gINT Collector FAQs.

gINT Collector Videos available on Communities

gINT Collector QuickStart (be sure to download the Admin Functions and Tablet functions manuals)

gINT Collector SIG – Get a Sneak Peak at gINT Collector - September 2019

gINT Collector SIG – gINT Collector and the ProjectWise Portal (February 5, 2020, am or pm session): Note: Be sure to select the Brand “gINT” and chose the SIG Workshop gINT Collector and the ProjectWise Portal”

gINT Collector FAQs

If you have additional questions, please post them here and we will follow up with you.