Increase the Value of your Geotechnical Data with Bentley’s OpenGround Cloud

Data Integrity Ground to Cloud with Geotechnical Information Management

The need for accessible and reliable geotechnical data is increasing.  Better decision-making requires better data, and better data requires effective information management.

“By being more informed, geotechnical engineering illustrates how advanced technology has exponentially improved the sophistication, reliability, and accessibility of data and analysis for infrastructure projects.”   – says Cindy Ross, manager of product marketing – Geotechnical.

Geotechnical project team dynamics and the tools they require to manage natural resources in a responsible way are changing rapidly.  OpenGround® Cloud offers a complete solution for planning, data entry, borehole log production, lab data management, reporting, visualization and more. Improving collaboration for better, data-informed decisions among all contributors to a project, can significantly increase the value of your geotechnical data.

Improve Geotechnical Data Reliability

OpenGround® Cloud, Bentley's secure enterprise cloud collaboration platform for geotechnical data management, empowers teams with access to current and historical project data in a dynamic cloud-based environment. Accessibility to federated data, at your fingertips, across connected applications, and many devices, improves reliability and project efficiency. Reliable and accessible data in one source of truth is what OpenGround® Cloud offers for engineering projects with geotechnical data.

 “From [a] risk management perspective, we are now able to more easily identify [the] gaps in data, to highlight risk items and, if required, assist in the planning of targeted ground investigations.”– Richard O’Brien, Principal Process Engineer, Atkins

Increase Collaboration with Federated Data.

“A long-sought improvement for geotechnical and geological companies is the maintenance of a single federated data repository for multiple data sources on all ground investigation projects which is now closer than ever before with OpenGround® Cloud”, says Scott Devoe, Director, Geotechnical Information Management. This advanced solution allows team members to access data using customizable role-based permissions. The application ensures that everyone has the correct access rights to the most up-to-date version of data being used. It eliminates the need to retain copies or email data to teams.

“OpenGround® Cloud improved the workflow for all members of the team. The various add-ins are faster within the cloud version of the database, which is useful when dealing with large datasets such as CPT data.”– Cedric Allenou, Ground Engineering Lead, Lower Thames Crossing

OpenGround® Cloud is a secure cloud-based, collaboration platform for geotechnical data management.  The multi-project environment allows teams to collaborate whether they are collecting data in the field, reporting, managing, or integrating data with their design or analysis software.  The platform has several connected apps which provide team members with the tools they need in a modern and intuitive-to-use environment.  Leverage the value of your geotechnical data throughout the Bentley ecosystem and beyond.  Strengthen credibility with improved collaboration for data-informed decisions.

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