Introduction to OpenGround Cloud

The Bentley Geotechnical Information Management Team (formerly Keynetix and gINT teams) have now completed an intense six month period of integration and we have been working hard on unification to a single team.  We’ve now integrated Keynetix products into the Bentley back-office systems.  Best of all, we’ve formulated the exciting future roadmap for our users.

We announced the OpenGround Cloud product at the Year In Infrastructure Conference in Singapore last month.  This article introduces OpenGround Cloud to our loyal user base who were not able to make the trip to Singapore.

Cloud computing offers a number of benefits for our users.  OpenGround Cloud utilises this powerful technology to immediately enable our users to take advantage of an extendable, enterprise-grade, geotechnical data management system.

The initial release of OpenGround Cloud is based on the established system that currently has around 2000 active monthly users and 500,000 boreholes stored in it.  It will be immediately available in UK and North America with plans to create a data centre to cover Australia and New Zealand in 2020.  Other regions will be prioritized based on local demand.

OpenGround Cloud offers an exciting future but we understand some users will prefer to stay with their existing solutions, and we will continue to develop and support both the gINT and HoleBASE systems at the current rate.   Neither product is being withdrawn, however, the gap in capabilities between these applications and OpenGround Cloud will grow over the coming years as OpenGround Cloud is developed further.

We have application engineers who are skilled in OpenGround Cloud and gINT or HoleBASE, so depending on your migration path we can provide assistance from team members who understand where you are trying to get to and where you are coming from. 

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the benefits of OpenGround Cloud then please ask them in the comments section below or email your Bentley account manager or HoleBASE and gINT points of contact.