OpenGround Power BI Connector is now available!

OpenGround Power BI Connector is now available and can be installed from the OpenGround Launcher!

Please refer to Installation and How to get started for more details.

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  • Hi Emma,

    There are two levels of OpenGround Cloud: i3 and i5.

    We have designed OpenGround i3 for companies whose primary goal is to produce factual site investigation reports. It includes everything needed to capture data on-site or enter data back at the office, design and create log reports and centrally archive projects. We have designed OpenGround i5 for companies who have large archives or need their geotechnical data to be available to additional applications. It includes Power BI and AutoCAD Civil 3D. An extensive Web API also allows companies to integrate their workflows to and from other in-house or third-party applications.

    As an existing OpenGround user, you should see the Power BI Connector listed in the Launcher already. If you organization runs an i3 Cloud, a message will be prompted when trying to connect to your OpenGround cloud instance from Power BI.

    If you need more details, you can contact me directly (


  • Hi Marie-Calaude,

    Where/how is Bentley informing companies/openground users of changes and updates such as Openground i3 and i5. This seems like an important piece of information that companies should know about, and yet I have never heard of it. As the the primary admin for my company's openground cloud account, I would like to be in the loop on things like this. 

    Thank you

  • Hi Timothy,

    OpenGround has a tiered level of functionality. This is discussed during the sales process with your account manager or member of OpenGround sales team. Any connectivity with third parties applications (such as PowerBI) requires the higher level of OpenGround tier.

    For more details, please contact your Bentley sales representative.