OpenGround Standard Components Now Available on Component Center

The OpenGround Support team and have been hard at work over the last few months to source all of the default components that have been created so that we can make these available to all of our OpenGround users.

Access to the Component Center is available for all Bentley CONNECT users who have been given the Component Center Read access under the Bentley Cloud Services access and permissions portal. If you do not have this access then please contact your Bentley Administrator who can review this and give access as required.

These components have been created for multiple different regions and setups and are now all available on the Component Center for users to download and install into their OpenGround Cloud systems as required.

The types of components available include but are not limited to;

  • Fixed Setup Log Templates
  • Editable Log Templates
  • Editable Strip Templates
  • Editable Site Plan Templates
  • Editable Section Templates
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Configuration Packs
  • Excel Templates
  • Civils Templates
  • Data Entry Templates
  • OpenGround Data Collector Profiles (Coming Soon)
  • Support Files

The team will be looking to keep this resource updated as and when new content that can be made generally available is made.

For more information on Component Center, including how to gain access and how to navigate the system, please see our article on our Communities Wiki.

Please note that the components available on Component Center are only compatible with OpenGround. HoleBASE SI and HoleBASE CONNECT Edition (And associated applications) users should continue to contact the support team if they require a copy of a standard component.