Preparing for OpenGround Azure Migration

OpenGround will be migrated to Microsoft Azure (starting end of July 2021), offering users an improved level of service, experience and more scalable solution. This article contains information about the new environment and how to arrange a smooth migration.

The Environment:

The OpenGround Regions will remain unchanged as London (UK) and Virginia (USA). There is no change in the Service Level Agreement and the service level and security options are comparable or better than the current offering. If your organisation needs to review the new operational procedures, our CiAQ questionnaire can be found at the Cloud Security Alliance website

The improved Database backup regime includes 35-day transaction log (Point-in-time) backups – up from 30 days, plus the addition of a full backup taken on the first of the month, with three months retention.
To ensure that we can increase the reach of the system we’ve also expanded the system support team from the original Keynetix, UK based, team to include Bentley representatives from additional regions around the world.

The work that we have completed to migrate the system into the Bentley infrastructure team has also paved the way for several internationally recognized certifications to be started. Such certifications may be important for your clients in the future.

The Process:

The majority of the work will be completed behind the scenes by the team here at Bentley, but the timing of this work needs to be coordinated with your IT team as it needs to coincide with a new OpenGround Launcher being deployed. Please note this Launcher will not work with your AWS connection as it will show no connections. Please only install once your account has been migrated to Azure.

For those who use a sandbox for your API integration, migration will occur between:

  • July 12th to 15th

Note: you can download the new SDK from here.

For the final production environment migration the dates are:

  • US Data Center: July 31st
  • UK Data Center: August 7th

During the process, your OpenGround Cloud system will be unavailable until the migration has been completed. During this downtime (or immediately following) your IT team will be able to install the new Launcher. Once the migration has been completed your main point of contact will receive an email to notify you that users will be able to log on using the new Launcher, that can be downloaded from the Bentley CONNECT Software Downloads site. You need proper access to Software Download. If the access is denied, please contact your Administrator to request Product Delivery - Download role.

Please note that if you are using OpenGround in Legacy mode then you will have already been contacted by Roger Chandler to initiate your migration to OpenGround Licensing. To avoid the risk of possible downtime you must complete this process before migrating to Azure.

To be Notified:

To stay informed, please subscribe to our OpenGround Cloud Services Status page and receive notifications. Anyone from your organization can subscribe. To do so, click on the “Subscribe to Updates” button.

A Bright Future:

The migration to the new Azure environment will enable enhanced integration across other Bentley products and technologies and further leverage our partnership with Microsoft, resulting in greater connectivity between OpenGround and other Bentley Cloud solutions.

The development, re-architecture, testing and auditing required to migrate OpenGround to Azure has required a significant investment of developer resources over the past year. Following the Azure migration the team now look forward to accelerating the release of new features and connectors that have also been in development.

What you need to do during the migration process:

1) Installing New Versions:

New OpenGround Launcher must be installed (can be downloaded from the Bentley CONNECT Software Downloads)
New OpenGround Cloud desktop applications must be installed

2) Proxy Changes

If you are using a Proxy you need to add the following new URLs



3) Power BI Connector

To connect to your OpenGround Cloud Azure Region you can continue to use your old connector.  But in the near term you will have to update the following parameter: OidcRegion

• For Azure Australia: australiaeast
• For Azure US: eastus
• For Azure UK: uksouth

You will need a new version of the PowerBI Connector if you use these new values

4) OpenGround Data Collector

A new version of the app must be installed. This version will be available on the Google Play Store immediately following the Azure migration.  Please ensure all tablet work is in sync with the cloud BEFORE migration dates.