Project Recycle Bin added to OpenGround alongside other Fixes and Improvements

A new capability to restore deleted projects is available in the February 2022 release.

A deleted project will live in the recycle bin for 90 days from this release onwards. A user can select the new Recycle Bin option from the System ribbon, select the project, and then restore it to its original state within the 90 day period but the project will be removed from the recycle bin and fully deleted after the 90 days. Projects in the recycled bin do not count towards your OpenGround Banding location limits.

The team has also been working extremely hard to improve the speed and reliability of various processes within OpenGround, including accessing data from the BGS in Professional and importing CSV data. This build also lays the foundations needed for some exciting, soon to be released functionality, including an update to Data Collector and Power BI Connector.

A full list of release notes can be found below for each of the applications;