Retirement of Keynetix Support Suite and Migration over to Bentley Connect Center

Update : 29th June 2020

The migration over to the Bentley CONNECT Center for all Keynetix and OpenGround software is now complete and as a result no new tickets will be picked up on via the legacy Keynetix support system (

New service requests should be logged via the CONNECT Centre. Any open tickets currently logged on the Keynetix support system will still be dealt with via the legacy system until the issue is resolved. Any new tickets will need to be logged via the Bentley CONNECT Center.

How to get support:

- Raise a Ticket (Recommended) : (Bentley Login Required)

- Visit the OpenGround ¦ gINT ¦ Keynetix Forum at :

- Alternatively call us : +44 (0)1527 68888

The original article detailing these changes is below.

From the 29th June 2020, the Bentley Geotechnical Information Management support team will no longer be supporting users via the Keynetix Support Suite ( All users should now log new service requests via the Bentley CONNECT Center. Any emails or tickets logged via the legacy system will be received for a short time after the retirement date but no replies will be sent and users will be required to log a service request via the Bentley CONNECT Center.

If you do not have a login for the Bentley CONNECT Center, then please contact the Bentley software license manager within your organization who can create an account for you.

New to Bentley? - You can find out more about how to register your users here.

If you have a login for Bentley CONNECT and want to find out who the administrator in your organization is, you can access this from here.

If you have any comments or queries on this, please contact the support team on the following options;